Chunky and Bulky Chevron Afghan Pattern

I have been petting looking at the Bernat Blanket yarn for a while now. With the holidays a skein is finally on sale and I can justify buying it!!! A blanket will only cost me $28. A Christmas gift will only cost me $28. That’s not too bad. You can barely buy a blanket made in China for that. Who wants a blanket made in a sweat shop when you can have one I made in my chair? There is no sweating in the chair. I promise. This is a much better gift. Totally worth a still outrageous $7 a skein.


Right. Justification over. Finally bought the yarn.

And then.

I wanted a nice warm blanket. Of course, I just bought blanket yarn. But I didn’t want a heavy, smothering, hot, miserable blanket. Cause then the blanket recipient would be sweating in their chair.

Ha! See what I did there? Unintentional. I promise.

Eh hem. Moving on.

So, I tried a half dozen patterns. None of them were just right. The bricks pattern on the label. No. Frankly, I’m not sure that was tested with this yarn. I tried a block patten. Close, but no. A few more. They weren’t just right.

Then I think – chevron! That would be just right! Tried it. Loved it!


I made this in 2 days. While taking care of my daughter and her newborn baby, 2 dogs (1 of which is like a toddler on speed) and cooking and cleaning. So, it works up pretty quickly. But, I didn’t count the hours.

Final size: 48″ x 60″

Hook: 11.5 mm (I did not enjoy the plastic hook and could not find a large metal one. More on this in a post for another day)

4 balls Bernat Blanket Yarn

I used 1 ball Taupe, 1 ball Sugar Cookie and 3 balls Pine Bough. I barely used any of the 3rd ball of Pine Bough and only had to break into a 3rd because of the color pattern. FYI. If you want to do it exactly like mine I did 4 rows of green,2 rows of taupe and 2 rows of cream and repeated this 6 times.

Ch 87 (Multiples of 12+3)

Row 1: DC in 4th CH from hook. DC in next 4.

* SK next 2 CH. DC in next 5. CH 2. DC in next 5. Repeat from * to end.
DC in last CH (2 DC’s in same stitch).
CH 3 and turn

Row 2:
DC in same stitch. DC in next 4.
*SK next 2 DC’s. DC in next 5 stitches (the 5th DC will be in the CH from the previous row). CH 2. DC in next 5 stitches (the first DC will be in the CH from the previous row).
Repeat from * to end.
DC in last DC (2 DC’s in same stitch)
CH 3 and turn.

Repeat Row 2 until afghan is long enough.  

I liked it so much I whipped up another one. Again completely justified! Christmas present. We won’t discuss the skeins I just bought to make myself one. Uh. Cause I need to try out my made up hook. And I need a present for myself. I deserve it! Ok. Final justification- if I didn’t make one for myself someone wasn’t going to be getting the blanket I just made them. I feel a nap coming on…

Update: Here are some step by step pics. Hope they help!!

Continue Row 2 in the same manner as the first row. The pic above has already completed the DC in same stitch so you would DC in the next 4 (the first and last sets of every row has 6 stitches), skip 2 DC’s from the first row, do 5 more DC’s, Chain 2, DC in the next 5. Repeat this pattern until you get to the end. Add another DC so that you have 6 total DC’s.

Happy Crocheting, Sherry