Snail Mail:

Blue Frog Creek, LLC.

P.O. Box 3691 Arlington, Washington 98223

Reach out by email anytime! I check my messages from about 7am to 7pm PST.

I often get messages like these

I love your pattern, but could you change the size? Remove a heart? Or something else….

I often get requests to change up a pattern, just a bit. Say you have fallen in love with the Heart Michigan C2C Pattern, but just wish there were more blocks, so that it would be larger. I love my patterns, however I’m not so attached that I won’t make adjustments! So, please ask. This is why some places have many more patterns than other places do!

Can you take this picture I have and make a pattern?

I cannot. Unfortunately, If you are looking for someone to take a picture of your pooch Fluffy, and make it into a pattern. I am not your person. I have no talent for this. Some do, and I am in awe of their skill, and recommend you to them. I would be attempting to make it perfect for months, with every block in the perfect place. It will bring nothing but frustration to us both.

Will you make a pattern with my team logo?

Copyrighted work. I won’t touch it. If you would like a pattern with your football teams name, logo, or such, I can practically guarantee that it is under copyright. Same goes for any picture you found on the internet. Anything not designed by me; maybe, could be, might be, and probably is, under copyright. I cannot make a pattern with copyrighted work. So, I don’t take chances!