Go to the Mountains of Oklahoma Counted Crochet Pattern

****Introducing the New Counted Crochet Pattern. This pattern also includes a row by row block chart, and a row by row word chart. Use this pattern for graphghans, tapestry, intarsia or wall hangings without counting the graph chart****

Stitch up the Go to the Mountains of Oklahoma Counted Crochet Pattern for a treasure that will last generations. A perfect afghan to gift to someone special, yet a simple and elegant way to mark a celebration, like the birth of a baby or a wedding. Crochet for your own home, this would be an amazing throw over the back of a couch.

-Blocks Wide: 96 -Blocks High: 64

-Completed Size: 72 inches wide by 48 inches high, when completed with a 3/4 inch per block gauge.

-Completed Size: 182.4 cm wide by 121.6 cm high, when completed with a 1.9 cm per block gauge

-Number of Colors Used: 6

-C2C Block Chart Included: Yes

-C2C Word Chart Included: Yes

-Multi-Page Graph Chart Included: No

-Single Page Graph Chart Included: Yes

-NEW Graphghan Row by Row Block Chart: Yes

-NEW Graphghan Row by Row Word Chart: Yes

-US or UK Crochet Terms: Irrelevant since you choose your stitch!

-PDF Page Count: 33

-Color Legend & # of Blocks:

Baby Pink 1131
Lavender 462
Pale Plum 173
Aruba Sea 1278
Pool 753
Royal 2347

-Metric/Imperial Gauge Guide Included: Yes

**Photos are a representation and not to be construed as a finished project. You may gift or sell any product produced by you from this pattern. The pattern and its parts are subject to Copyright and are not to be sold, copied or shared, in whole or in part**

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