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Isn’t this the most adorable little bat you have ever seen? I’m pretty sure that it won’t drive you a little batty to whip this blanket up either! This very simple pattern uses just 2 colors making it perfect for C2C beginners and a fast stitch for those with more experience. Happy stitching!

  • Blocks Wide: 66
  • Blocks High: 99
  • Completed Size: 49.5 inches wide by 74.25 inches high, when completed with a 3/4 inch per block gauge.
  • Completed Size: 125.4 cm wide by 188.1 cm high, when completed with a 1.9 cm per block gauge.
  • Number of Colors Used: 2
  • C2C Block Chart Included: Yes
  • C2C Word Chart Included: Yes
  • Multi-Page Graph Chart Included: Yes
  • Single Page Graph Chart Included: No
  • US or UK Crochet Terms: Irrelevant since you choose your stitch!
  • PDF Page Count: 18

Photos are a representation and not to be construed as a finished project. You may gift or sell any product produced by you from this pattern. The pattern and its parts are subject to Copyright and are not to be sold, copied or shared, in whole or in part.