Quebec Love Counted Crochet Pattern

***Counted Crochet Pattern. This pattern also includes a row by row block chart, and a row by row word chart. Use this pattern for graphghans, tapestry, intarsia or wall hangings without counting the graph chart. C2C block charts and word charts still included.***

Crochet the love of Québec with the Québec Love Counted Crochet Pattern! Please note that love is one block wide and may need to be top stitched to be seen on a graphghan or the like.

    • Blocks Wide: 96
    • Blocks High: 64
    • Number of Colors Used: 3
    • C2C Block Chart Included: Yes
    • C2C Word Chart Included: Yes
    • Graphghan Row by Row Block Chart: Yes
    • Graphghan Row by Row Word Chart: Yes
    • Multi-Page Graph Chart Included: No
    • Single Page Graph Chart Included: Yes
    • US or UK Crochet Terms: Irrelevant since you choose your stitch!
    • PDF Page Count: 31
    • Metric/Imperial Gauge Guide Included: Yes

Color Legend and Number of Blocks Used
Aran 3495
Real Teal 2539
Jade 110

Completed Size Depends on Gauge per Block:

  • 3/4 inch= 72 inches wide by 48 inches high
  • 1/2 inch = 48 inches wide by 32 inches high
  • 1/3 inch = 31.68 inches wide by 21.12 inches high
  • 1/4 inch = 24 inches wide by 16 inches high
  • 1.9 cm = 182.4 cm wide by 121.6 cm high
  • 1.27 cm = 81.28 cm wide by 81.28 cm high
  • .85 cm = 81.6 cm wide by 54.4 cm high
  • .64 cm = 61.44 cm wide by 40.96 cm high


Photos are a representation and not to be construed as a finished project. You may gift or sell any product produced by you from this pattern. The pattern and its parts are subject to Copyright and are not to be sold, copied or shared, in whole or in part”

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