How do I contact you?

Email me at sherry@bluefrogcreek.com  I will email back as soon as I can.

Can I sell my completed project at craft fairs and such? 

Sure! Just be so kind as to give Blue Frog Creek credit for the design.

Can I share or sell the pattern itself? 

No. Patterns are subject to copyright and only available from Blue Frog Creek, LLC.

Do you offer refunds? 

Due to the nature of a download you cannot “return” it, so we are unable to offer refunds. If you have problems please feel free to contact me.

How long will it take to receive the pattern? 

Immediately after payment is complete you will be able to download the pattern.

Does Blue Frog Creek sell completed projects? 

No. I just make the patterns for you to create your own!

I don’t read crochet diagrams. Will I be able to follow along?

You should be just fine. The C2C charts are in 2 forms. The block chart, which shows a colored block with the number of blocks needed, and the word chart which shows the yarn color and how many blocks to complete in that color. These charts are not the same as the diagrams that you see for crochet.

I don’t know US crochet terminology. Can I use these C2C charts?

Absolutely! You choose which stitch you want to use with your blocks. So, US/UK written terminology doesn’t come into play here.

I don’t speak/read English very well. Will I still be able to use the C2C pattern?

I think so. The block chart is visual rather than written out with crochet terms like a standard crochet pattern. The only area that I see you having trouble with is the yarn guide. The yarn guide is information that will help you determine how much yarn you need and how large your project will be. It is not necessary to be able to follow the pattern.

I don’t have Red Heart yarn/wool where I live. Can I use different yarn/wool?

Yes. Choose whatever yarn/wool you like to work with.

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