How to Join Crochet Blocks with a Chain 3 Ruffle

Well it’s happened again. I seem to have unintentionally made another afghan. Or at least most of the blocks for one. Am I the only one this happens to?

I found a really cute block chart on Pinterest and I just had to try it. And then, well, I may have been taken over by an obsession to finish enough blocks for a blanket.

So, I needed a way to join the blocks. Since this turned out really cute I decided to share. Bonus – it’s super super simple!

My blocks have 25 HDC’s on each side. So, first I joined my yarn to the corner of a block.

Chain 3. Hook under the stitch and SC into the first stitch on the other block.

CH 3, hook over the next stitch on the first block and SC.

Repeat along the length of the blocks.

When I reached the end I just chained 3 and stitched into the next block.

Repeating until the row of blocks was joined in one direction. Then I joined in the same way in the other direction.

Easy peasy. I’m almost done with the blocks – just waiting for a delivery of Tea Leaf to finish them up. Then off to a fancy (and you better believe -simple) border!


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