Make a full length aluminum/metal Size Q 15.75mm Crochet hook

I was fully frustrated with the plastic crochet hooks I used for the chunky blankets over Christmas. So. I found a solution!

I found a Size Q afghan aluminum/metal hook at Michaels. Add a chunk of polymer clay. Bake and voilà! Full size 15.75mm crochet hook.

Yes, it took me a few minutes to make the hook and nearly a month to paint it. Let’s not judge.

Here we are – pictures for all my visual people’s:

Cut the cord off the afghan hook




Roll warmed clay (I smoothed it in my hand for a while) into a long snake.



Starting at the end roll the clay onto the hook.


Smooth it out.


Bake as per instructions.

Yes, I burned it. Hence the paint job. And I decided I didn’t like the blue. Reason #2 for the paint job.

Aluminum /metal size Q 15.75mm crochet hook tutorial


And now it’s long enough to feel like a crochet hook AND it’s not plastic. Ah maiz ing.

Now, if I were to do it again I might do something to reduce the amount of clay used so it’s not too heavy. I would have used a different clay color and I would turn it in the oven so it didn’t burn.

But it works and that, my crafty friends, is good enough.



  1. Linda Horwath says:

    How long to bake the Q crochet hook in the oven? And what temperature? I’ve never worked with polymer clay. Thanks for the pictures and instructions

    1. Sherry says:

      Hi Linda!
      All packages of clay should have instructions on them. I used Sculpey and it is 275 degrees for 15 minutes per ¼”. So, once you have yours rolled out then measure how thick it is and based on the package directions you will know how long,and at what temperature, to bake it.
      Hope that helps!

      1. Linda Horwath says:

        Thank you

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