Down the Drain Down Under C2C Crochet Pattern


🧶Blocks: 96 wide by 64 high

🧶Finished Size: 72″ by 48″ (When completed with a ¾” per block gauge)

🧶PDF Includes: Block Chart, Word Chart and Yarn Guide 

🧶 Down the Drain Down Under also includes a Graph Chart *Please note not all of my pattern include the graph. Please email if you would like a graph chart on another pattern*

🧶Colors used: 5

🧶 PDF Digital Download: Work off Paper or Screen

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I created the Down the Drain C2C Crochet Pattern with a clockwise spin. I’m reminded that not all of my fellow crocheters are in the Northern Hemisphere! So, for those that drain the other way, I present to you Down the Drain Down Under C2C Crochet Pattern. With a counterclockwise spin, of course.