Heart Nebraska C2C Crochet Pattern


🧶Blocks: 96 wide by 65 high

🧶Finished Size: 72″ by 48.75″ (When completed with a ¾” per block gauge)

🧶PDF Includes: Block Chart, Word Chart and Yarn Guide

🧶 Heart Nebraska also includes a Graph Chart *Please note not all of my pattern include the graph. Please email if you would like a graph chart on another pattern*

🧶Colors used: 4

🧶PDF Digital Download: Work off Paper or Screen

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Bring a new level of state pride into your home with the Heart Nebraska C2C Crochet Pattern. This pattern with your crocheting skills combine to stitch up an impressive display of your talent. In fact just 4 colors creates this simple C2C blanket. It may look intricate. However it’s not hard. Besides, no one needs to know how easy it was to create!