Market Bag PDF Pattern


  • Finished bag: 12″ wide x 15″ high (not including straps)
  • Step by step instructional pictures
  • Skill level: Written specifically for those new to crochet
  • Instant PDF Digital Download


Need a easy and practical bag to crochet?  This is it! This Market Bag Crochet Pattern has to be one of my favorites. The absolute best bag to take to the farmers market. It stretches. And when I say stretch, this guy holds maybe a little too much.

So much that I have started making them shorter. Just so I couldn’t fit as¬†much in. And require a half ton pickup to get from the checkout to the parking lot. Imagine that one for a second.

Second over. Stop laughing! You know you do it! Am I the only one that gets to the checkout with 1 cart and needs 3 to get back out?

Any how…. Speaking of carrying too much. You know when you try to get all the grocery bags into the house in one trip? When you should have taken, oh I don’t know, 15? I can’t promise 15 trips in 1. I don’t know you well enough to call you crazy like me. However,¬†the straps make it easy to throw a couple over each shoulder. Over the arms. In the hands. I may have strapped one over my forehead once. I stress may have.¬†There is no photographic evidence. Therefor, no one, and I mean no one, can prove it.

I get a ton of compliments whenever I take one out!! Your turn! I took a ton of pics and tucked them all into a really long, probably over explained, PDF for you. If you are new to crochet you shouldn’t have a problem following along!

Farmers Market folks are going to be so jealous!!! Everyone will be wanting your bag. Following you around. I will NOT be held responsible for any stalking incidents! Let’s just make that clear right now.